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July 22, 2009

McDonald's Franchise Accelerating its Expansion in India

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald's plans to open another 40 restaurants across India, bringing the total to close to 200. While much of India's retail sector is struggling, McDonald's has been largely unaffected by the slowdown and is planning on accelerating its expansion on the subcontinent, according to Amit Jatia, chairman of McDonald's in western and southern of India.

Last year, the fast-food giant opened about 25 restaurants. Mr. Jatia said the number of customers coming to McDonald's restaurants has continued to climb between 10% and 15% each month compared with a year earlier. McDonald's adapts its restaurants in India to local tastes; in a nation that is predominantly Hindu and reveres the cow, beef isn't on the menu, for instance, replaced by chicken burgers and vegetable patties.

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