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June 16, 2010

Swensen Ice cream Franchise to serve vegetarian version of the dessert

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16th June 2010: San Francisco based Ice Cream franchise Swensen has entered

India for the first time to open its outlet in Bangalore. The ice cream major forayed into the country in a dine-in-format as against the scoop model which is widely prevalent. The company is confident to make a positive impact in the space. The vegetarian ice cream brand entered India through its master franchise agreement between Ravi Jaipuria owned Devayani International Limited and Thailand-based Minor Food Group (MFG). This brand is currently available in Thailand, North America and South America.


“We expect to roll out five more stores in Bangalore by the end of this year in malls and high end store. By 2015, we plan to have 80 stores in south India with a turnover of Rs 50 crore. As this is a new format, the challenge is to build a consumer base around the sundae experience,” said Virag Joshi, CEO, Devyani International


Currently Swensen has 24 flavours and these include exotic names like Colt Tower and Fire House. DIL manufactures ice creams under Creambell brand that is retailed at supermarkets.“This will give us the band width to grow Swensen’s foot print in the country,” Joshi said. Devyani International is also the bottler for Pepsi Co, master franchisee for Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee. Internationally, Swensen's Desserts are egg based and they have a few flavours for vegans / vegetarians. However, with some adaption, Swensen will soon launch a variety of vegetarian options.


Swensen apart from an ice cream parlour, also offers delectable desserts, a casual dining cafe and restaurant, however, it is still to be confirmed, if Devyani international has plans to expand it's cafe format. The branded ice cream market in the country is estimated to be 150 million litres per annum and is valued at Rs 1,300 crore. There have been various new sub - category introductions including Italian Gelatos and Frozen Yogurts. It is not sure as yet, if the Indian master Franchisee, Devyani International, will be subfranchising the brand. There are several other Ice Cream franchises present in India, some of them being Kwality Walls Swirls, Baskin Robbins, Amore Gelato and a few others.


While reviewing other nations where Swensen is present, Singapore seems to be a key market for it. mSwensen has over 30 Plus Parlours and Cafes in Singapore.


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